Lowongan Pelaksana MEP-PT Parama Dharma

    Pelaksana MEP-PT Parama Dharma

    Lokasi: Jakarta Selatan (Jakarta Raya) - Kebayoran Baru
    Lamaran Ditutup Pada: Juli 2020

    Here's some testimonials from our customers :
    Suzie Hutomo
    Owner of Bodyshop & Centro
    Parama Dharma & P. Hans in particular helped us design and build the home of our dreams. We wanted a home that would allow us to combine our love for Javanese antiques with a relaxed yet elegant interior and graced with a Balinese Garden. We were looking for a home that would allow us to feel at home and yet allow us to showcase our lifestyle whwn we entertain. P.Hans managed to beautifully design our home and in fact after 2 other architects before him had failed.He managed to fit into the design the antique Joglo and several Kebyok that we had purchased years before our home was built.
    The final design was a gracious combination of the Colonial/ Javanese style combined with a mediterranean out look with lots og flass to allow as much daylight as posible into the house. The (floor length) full glass that surrounds the Joglo area allowed the Gardens and the Koi Pond surrounding it to be viewed from the living area….in all its glory.
    Parama Dharma took great care in the construction of our home and we were satisfied with the quality of the building. Every step was well planned and carefully executed with great attention to detail. We are extremely grateful for P.Hans and Parama Dharma for realising our dream home!

    Thomas Elliott
    PAI Architects
    Architectural expression is a collaborative process. The dreams of Architects can find no tangible results without the corporation of an insightful builder.
    Either from native or through purpose, designers will push the limits of construction and it falls to the builder to resolve the contradictions and see through, with the architect, a great end product.
    My experience with Parama Dharma P.T. has been rewarding and pleasurable, their knowledge and persistence in creating the best a project can offer and has won my respect, their awareness of design has often been a benefit as well.
    I look forward to working with them in the future, and wish them the best of success.

    Suharman Subianto
    Director of Spring Hill Residences
    I first knew Parama Dharma from Teguh Santosa, the project director of the company. My first experience was from building my own family home at Kedoya Garden. The house was done wholly by Parama Dharma, starting from the design until the interior of the house.
    I then introduced Parama Dharma to a project that my group was working for in Kemayoran; Spring Hill Residences. This second experience proved that Parama Dharma does not only work well in the single house project, but also does well in a residential complex project. With a competitive price, great results, well-controlled executions from their ISO 9001:2008 certification, and great services & management, our experience with Parama Dharma had been pleasant and satisfying. Besides the projects in Jakarta, our group in Bandung also worked with Parama Dharma for the Bale Pakuan, Apartement Dago Butik, Pasteur Regency projects.
    Most importantly: our Spring Hill buyers’ were satisfied. This is proven by the small number of complaints. This experience brought without hesitation to introduce Parama Dharma once more to our next project: CNI building at Puri Indah. There is no hesitation that I will trust Parama Dharma for our future projects.

    Based on the friendship of several young professionals who were enthusiastic to realize their shared aspirations and goals in the field of design services, Parama Dharma P.T. was established on November 8, 1982.
    In the beginning the company was run by ten employees out of a modest office on Jl. Barito II/7A in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. Initially concentrating on construction projects, the business grew fast with the support of a professional attitude and the ability to deliver high quality services on time.
    Today Parama Dharma P.T. has successfully claimed its place as one of the most respected construction services company in Indonesia. This proud achievement was made possible by the good team work between the management and the entire staff.
    While the company continued to grow, Parama Dharma P.T. remained true to its initial commitment to strive for excellence, not only in terms of delivering finished buildings that fully do justice to their design on paper, but also in regard to providing emotional satisfaction through service with multidimensional aspects. We hope that the viewers will enjoy the buildings that are featured in this website, which we were entrusted to build and which they might not have known about, as an indication of our values, the quality of our design and our architects.
    The management and staff of Parama Dharma P.T. believe that human development in its entirety is only possible if both physical and mental-spiritual aspects are taken into consideration. Therefore, Parama Dharma P.T. aspires to become a respected provider of construction services that pays close attention to all aspects of human development – be it physical quality, durability, efficiency, style as well as a sense of art – in all its projects.
    To achieve this vision, Parama Dharma P.T. endeavours to provide the best services in the field of construction and environmental development. The management and staff of Parama Dharma P.T. do their best to fulfill the requirements and wishes of their costumers regarding buildings and work and living environments that are of high quality, comfortable, exclusive and artful, and thus conducive to human development in its entirety.

    Pendidikan minimal STM (Elektro / Mesin)
    Usia : 30 - 40 thn
    Memiliki keahlian khususnya di bidang Mekanikal, Elektrikal dan Plumbing
    Memiliki pengalaman kerja di posisi yang sama minimal 5 thn
    Mampu membuat dan membaca gambar MEP
    Mampu bekerjasama dalam team
    Mampu beradaptasi dengan baik
    Tugas-tugas :
    Mengevaluasi kemampuan subkon dalam segi teknis secara detil tenaga kerja, biaaya dan ketepatan waktu
    Mengoreksi penawaran harga dari sub kontraktor
    Mengawasi dan mengarahkan pelaksanaan pekerjaan subkon MEP dan tenaga kerja harian berdasarkan gambar kerja, volume pekerjaan serta spesifikasi teknis
    Memeriksa ulang seluruh pekerjaan sebelum diserahterimakan ke bouwheer
    Bersedia ditempatkan di seluruh Indonesia
    Lamaran kerja lengkap (FC KTP, KK, NPWP, Paklaring, Ijazah, Pasfoto dll) dapat dikirimkan melalui email ke : tatee at paramadharma dot co dot id, dengan subject email : Pelaksana MEP - RGU

    ALAMAT : PT Parama Dharma
    Jl. Kh. Achmad Dahlan 69-AB Graha Parama Lt. 3 South Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia

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